Thursday, 8 December 2011

Dozens System

This system is based on the dozens. There are 3 dozens on the roulette table as shown below:
Dozen 1:
Dozen 2:
Dozen 3:
Dozens tend to repeat themselves due to roulette’s streaky nature.
It is fairly common to get a dozen sequence such as: 3-1-2-3-3-2-1-1-1-2-1-3-2-2
As you can see, in the above sequence dozen 3 repeated on the 5th spin, then dozen 1 repeated twice on the 8th and 9th spin, then dozen 2 repeated on spin 14.
We will be betting on repeating dozens, i.e if dozen 2 comes out we will bet on dozen 2 to repeat.
We will use a 6 step progression:
  • The first step we will bet 5 units
  • The second step we will bet 7 units
  • The third step we will bet 10 units
  • The fourth step we will bet 14 units
  • The fifth step we will bet 21 units
  • The sixth step we will bet 31 units
So if we lose a bet, we move up one step on the progression. For example if we lost the first bet of 5 units, we would bet 7 units on the next bet and so on untill we win.
A win on the first step will give us 10 units profit, a win on the second step will give 9 units profit, a win on the third step will give 8 units profit and a win on the fourth,fifth or sixth step will give us 6 units profit.
If no dozen repeats for 6 spins, you stop after those 6 bets and don’t bet again until a dozen does repeat. The total loss for this run will be 88 units.
When you are on a good winning wave, you will win more than you will lose. If your winnings exceed 88 units, keep playing until you lose a run of 6 then leave with the profit you have left over.
If you lose twice in a row, you will be down 176 units. This is obviously not your day and you should go home.
Make sure you leave when you are ahead, even if you have only played for half an hour. Do not stay at the table too long, because no matter what system you use, the house advantage will eventually take over.
That is why on the long run, every system is apt to lose. It is also why all computer simulators of thousands of spins come to the same result, -5.26% house edge.
Roulette is a short term profit game. So far, there hasn’t been any system invented which can make consistent profits. Even if some systems show that you will make a profit over hundreds of spins, one of the losing runs will wipe out all of your winnings. That is why it is extremely important to quit when you are ahead, you must also set a stop-loss and quit when you have reached the limit you have set yourself.
The way I would play the strategy above would be to just play a few runs. If you have won 4 or 5 runs, take the profit of 30 units or so and leave.
If you lose the first run, try to recover the 88 units. Leave when you get back to even or have made a small profit.
If you lose two runs, leave.
This way you will leave more when you are positive than negative. If your winnings exceed 88 units on a daily basis, it won’t hurt you if you lose two runs on one day.